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Maybe they're only little things. But Locksor bags wouldn't be what they are without accessories.

All accessories are precisely tailored to Locksor Tesla and Locksor Zyta and special compartments. The leathers and colors are identical to the bags. The ideal complements to individual tastes. Or individually. That's because the accessories are companions that you won't want to be without – even on their own.

What came first for you: the case, or the accessory?

Locksor Tesla accessorieso

Locksor writing instrument cases: for one, two, or three writing instruments.

Writing instruments are getting bigger. Fitting cases are becoming more rare. Locksor writing instrument cases are thus not only a true insider's tip when combined with the Locksor Tesla.

A Pen of the Year feels like a million dollars in a single case. And in the triple case, a Writer's Edition, for example, finds a new home. That allows writing instrument collectors' treasures to always be well packed on business trips.

Locksor XXL writing instrument case: For collectors, the biggest thing.

You like fine fountain pens like the Namiki Emperor collection? Then the Locksor XXL case is perfect for you. And Locksor Tesla has the right compartment for it.

Locksor ink cartridge case: the ink cartridge station on board.

Many fine writing instruments contain ink converters. Ink cartridges, too – ranging through to the highest price categories. The Locksor ink cartridge case makes sure a backup is already at hand. Short cartridges lay widthwise; the long cartridges are lengthwise. Secure and stylish.

Locksor smartphone case: sends and receives your little secret.

For all popular smartphones. Highlight number 1 is the hidden compartment for the RFID chip which allows the Locksor Tesla to be discreetly locked and unlocked without a touch. Highlight number 2 is the pulling loop for fast removal. So you're part of the discussion right away without tedious fumbling.

Locksor business card case: For your good reputation and your RFID chip.

Your RFID chip for locking and unlocking the Locksor Tesla without a touch can also be stored here. If you prefer to carry your phone without a case. The Locksor business card case offers stylish, practical protection in any case. 

Locksor Zyta accessories

Locksor case for feminine products: Small, subtle, and well organized.

There are days in a life of a woman that are simply different. Those are the days you don't need to deal with a disorganized handbag, too. Tampons are organized and easy to find in the Locksor case for personal products.