Locksor Movis

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Designed and made in Germany. Out of a passion for the extraordinary. Out of a passion for detail.

Locksor believes in the extraordinary found in small series with a passion for details – down to the most minute one. Locksor assumes responsibility for that. And that's responsibility you can't delegate.

For that reason, Locksor products are exclusively developed by accomplished engineers in the small district of Maintal-Dörnigheim, Germany, manufactured in painstaking handcraftsmanship and individually hand assembled. But in all honesty: they can't do everything.

Select components not from our own production come from specialists who are among the best in their fields. And who share a passion for ultimate manufacture quality. The result: masterful, one-of-a-kind pieces that are as unique as the individuals to whom they bring a sense of joy. And there's also space for unique customer personalizations.


Pure joy for all. Or no joy at all.

Locksor products only have one purpose: making it easier to enjoy life. If something has such a positive goal, how could it be manufactured in conditions that are the opposite of joyful?  Starvation wages and inhumane working conditions in emerging and developing countries don't match up.  

Respect for each individual who contributes his or her skill and dedication and fair wages instead of exploitation go without question at Locksor. That also includes paying social security contributions as well as adhering to labor and environmental standards. In Germany.