Locksor Movis

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You come. Tesla unlocks. You go. Tesla locks. Without a touch.

You'll probably be captivated by the fine full-grain deerskin, elk, cowhide, or ostrich leather. Or the painstaking master workmanship. Maybe it's the classic, understated design. Or is it the practical organization or bright leather colors inside?

The one-of-a-kind feature: Locksor Tesla is the first bag whose lock reacts to your coming and going. Without a key. Without a code. Without a touch. Back when the locked bag was discovered, that would have been magic. Today, we call it RFID technology.

With a nearly inaudible "sssssss-t" sound, a miniature motor found inside the Locksor Tesla case opens and closes. Your belongings are protected with unrivaled discretion and security.

But you'll enjoy the Locksor Tesla even if you're no secret agent. Especially with these extras for your individual design: Discover the accessories here.