Locksor Movis

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Locksor Zyta. Life is an adventure. The shape of it is round and practical.

Sometimes you feel a sense of inner restlessness? Do your thoughts wander in search of something? Because you know there's something out there waiting to be discovered by you alone: the adventure of life. Locksor Zyta is always with you. Unparalleled beauty and unrivaled practicality.

Discover new horizons with Locksor Zyta. Just like the great discoverers like Alexander von Humboldt did. Back then, tube-shaped specimen containers were taken along: Open lid, place find inside, close lid. And the adventure could continue.

Maybe the finds are different today. But life is and remains an adventure. With Locksor Zyta, you have the right companion. With a surprising amount of space and compartments for everything you'll need along the way. With a convenient top cover and adjustable straps. Made from the finest full-grain cowhide, elk, lambskin, deerskin, and ostrich leathers. Made with masterful handcraftsmanship and with exceptional attention to detail.

Choose these accessories to go with your Locksor Zyta.